3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Choir Right Now

#1. Singing together:

Singing is a wonderful activity, as good for your physical health as it is for your mental well-being. While it’s wonderful, and very valuable to get one on one instruction in singing, learning how to sing with others is every bit as valuable! Choral singing has its own technical requirements and requires different skills than singing by yourself – such as harmonizing, blending, balance, and intonation.

#2. Meet new people:

Singing in a choir is a great way to meet new people from many different backgrounds, and life experiences. Bonding over music can lead to life-long friendships, as well as an appreciation for people who have different perspectives from your own. Choir attracts a wide variety of people, all with a shared interest and love of music, and is a great activity for people who are interested in getting to know others in a low-pressure setting.

#3. Learn something new!

Expanding your skill set is always valuable, and if you’ve always had an interest in music, but been a bit uncertain about taking lessons, or unsure about which instrument to try, a choir is a wonderful way to learn more about music without investing as much money or time, as other instruments. Because choir is a group activity, it has other wonderful benefits too, like shared community, built-in support system, and a sense of teamwork and working towards a common goal!

Why else should you join a choir? Tell us in the comments below!