3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out of a Choir Workshop

3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out of a Choir Workshop

Choir workshops only happen a few times a year, and at the CCC we like to schedule them a couple of weeks before a concert. They’re an excellent chance for us to really get into the feel of the overall concert, and to discover any areas of the music that aren’t quite working yet, or that need extra work. Here are three ways to help choristers get the most out of choir workshops:

#1. Be Prepared to Work:

Workshops can feel frustrating sometime because they are an opportunity to really get into the details of a piece of music, as well as to iron out any problem areas. This sometimes means that we don’t sing a piece through fully, or that we go over a particular passage a number of times. Workshops are exactly for this sort of targeted, specific practice, so lean into it, and appreciate that all this repetition, or focusing on just a few notes, is what will make the piece sound beautiful!

#2. Make it fun!

Workshops are often a chance for all of us to be together, all three of our performing choirs, all conductors and accompanists, and any of the musicians who will be joining us at our concert. It’s always so nice to see everyone, and catch up, so we try to have fun with our workshops and make sure there’s time to socialize.
We also sometimes like to make it themed – for examples, we’ll often invite choristers to wear their pajamas to workshops!

#3. Take responsibility:

A workshop is a great way for individual choristers to evaluate how their own progress is in relation to the group’s progress. If you notice that there’s a part that you need to practice, make a note of it, and take another look at the section at home. Doing the best job you can do is part of being a good team member!

How else can choristers make the most of choir workshops? Tell us in the comments below!

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