3 Unusual Reasons We Love Singing

3 Unusual Reasons We Love Singing

Singing is wonderful for a number of reasons, but here are three slightly unusual reasons why we love to sing!

#1. It’s hard!

This may seem like an odd reason to love something, but the truth is that singing is difficult. It’s difficult physically; from breath management, to core support, and projection. Singing is difficult mentally – from learning songs in different languages, to text analysis and memorization, and it’s also difficult psychologically, in how we think about our unique voice and sound.

But engaging in difficult activities is wonderful for us, and gives us something to strive for. The feeling of accomplishment, and confidence that comes from tackling a difficult subject and succeeding cannot be overstated! So even though singing is hard – we love it!

#2. It teaches us to think about our body differently:

Because we cannot see the parts of our body that allow us to sing, the way other instrumentalists can look at and manipulate their instruments, singer have to think about their body in a very different way. We teach singers to cast their ‘mind’s eye’ inwards, and to create pictures in their head of what their diaphragm, esophagus, and larynx look like. We also focus on teaching choristers how to make minute adjustments to their mouths, tongue, and lips to create the sound we want.

This incredible focus inwards on our bodies, changes our relationship with our bodies – making us more attuned to slight misalignment, and to the subtle nuanced messages our bodies relay to us.

#3. Singing gives us other life skills:

When we learn how to sing, and to sing well, we aren’t just learning about music and vocalizing. We are learning a variety of other skills that can have a host of benefits in areas other than music.

From presenting information, to meeting deadlines, learning to project our voices, organize our time, and to discipline ourselves towards a goal, singing gives us many skills which will be essential in other areas of our lives.


What are some other unusual reasons you love singing? Tell us in the comments!

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