3 Ways In Which Music Makes You a Better Problem-Solver

3 Ways Music Makes You Better Problem Solver

Music has untold benefits for those who study it, and one of those great benefits is the ability to solve problems in creative and unique ways:

#1. Perspective Shift:
Music, and in particular singing, demands the ability to understand things from other perspectives. The ability to approach a problem from multiple perspectives is essential. Creative solutions require adaptability, and innovation, and this can often be achieved by studying a problem from different angles.

#2. Breaking It Down:
Solving a problem is not like turning a switch on and off. It is about the ability to take something large, and break it down into smaller manageable pieces. Learning a new piece of music is very similar. Though we aim to learn how the piece works together as a whole, particularly larger works need to be broken down into smaller, manageable parts, so that we don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged.

#3. Discipline:
Keeping with a problem, even when it’s frustrating, is an essential skill. Musicians are used to this process when learning a piece of music. It’s never perfect the first time, which is why musicians must practice the same piece of music multiple times.

How else might music make you a better problem-solver? Tell us in the comments below!

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