Is fundraising mandatory? 

No. Fundraising is not mandatory, although there are some fundraising opportunities available for those who wish to do so.

What kind of repertoire does the choir sing?

We are interested in offering a variety of repertoire that has intrinsic musical value. This means the foundation of the program focuses on repertoire which is from recognized, well- known composers, and folk songs from many era’s and countries. We build a concert program for the year which will offer a wide variety of styles for our singers – from Early music, to Classical, to Jazz, musicals, pop, and other contemporary styles.

Does the choir sing in languages other than English?

Yes. It is standard practice in choirs, to be exposed to as much music from as many cultures, and in as many languages as possible. Aside from the benefits of learning to appreciate other languages, the customs of other people, and a variety of musical styles, there is extensive research which has proven that singing, and the acquisition of different languages, promote high brain function, and improve critical thinking and other cognitive skills. During choir practices, the choristers and the conductors spend a lot of time discussing the meaning of the songs, so that the choristers have a good understanding of what they are singing.

Are choristers expected to practice or review music at home?

For the most part, younger choristers are able to learn the music within rehearsal time. As concert dates approach, those choristers who feel they are not adequately prepared, are encouraged to review music at home. Older choristers are encouraged to regularly review their music and words at home.

Does the choir operate year round?

Choir begins in September, and ends in May New choristers are accepted year round.

How many evenings and weekends are devoted to performances or workshops?

The choir performs three main concerts in the year; a Christmas Concert, a Folk Concert (in March), and a Spring Concert (in May). Two weeks before each concert, there is a morning workshop held on a Saturday. The choir also attends camp for one weekend in September, and performs a Halloween concert at the end of October.

How often does the choir tour?

The choir tours both nationally and internationally every two years. Tour is available only for those choristers in the Calgary Children’s Choir and the Calgary Youth Choir.