Celebrating With Song

Celebrating With Song

Holidays are a time for celebration, and there are few things more celebratory than music! Singing in particular offers a great way to manifest that celebratory feeling:

#1. Communication:
Celebration is all about communicating a feeling experience by many people at once. Music offers that ability in a manner that transcends language, culture, and religion. Making music is one of the most ancient and respected of human endeavours, and it plays an essential role in our celebratory tradition!

#2. Community:
Singing offers a feeling of belonging; many people at once offering up a song as a an observance of the festivities. Singing as part of a group enhances this feeling even further; particularly since choral music is all about creating, and serving a community. Music increases feelings of cohesion and community, and singing as part of a community enhances those feeling (and even prompts physiological changes in the body!)

#3. Expression:
Words offer another important layer to music, and singing allows for the expression of musical celebration to be even more evident through the important use of text. Expressing ourselves both through music as well as language allows us to communicate the reason for the season as effectively as possible!

How else can we celebrate with song? Tell us in the comments below!

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