Introducing the Calgary Community Choir!

The Calgary Children’s Choir is pleased to introduce the Calgary Community Choir. This is the newest addition to our multi-age program and will welcome choristers 21 and older. Anyone with the desire to sing is invited to enroll regardless of choral experience. The long-awaited, new group will be under the direction of Marni Strome, the current musical director for the Calgary Children’s Choir and the Calgary Youth Choir.

“This has been a highly demanded group and I think now is just the right time to start it up,” says Marni Strome.

The group will be practicing once a week from 7:30pm to 9pm on Thursdays beginning Oct. 4 leading up to the Christmas concert in December. The group will then start back up in March in preparation for the final May concert. With a total of 10 rehearsals before performances, YYC CC is a low commitment group perfect for those with limited time.

“There is a possibility that with enough demand we would consider restructuring the rehearsals to span the entire year,” explains Marni, “but during this trial period we will start with less commitment and see how it goes.”

The group will be an amalgamation of the St. Giles Church Choir and Calgary Community Choir members. Members have the opportunity to enroll with the church choir and join them on Sundays for the service free of charge. Registration for the new group includes a fee of $130 per semester or $260 for the full year. We hope to see alumni and newcomers alike!

If you or anyone you know has questions about the YYC CC, contact Business Manager Linda White at

To register to the Calgary Community Choir please click HERE.

Happy singing!




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