Musical Professions: Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer

This is the sixth post in our series, Musical Professions, in which we will be taking a closer look at the myriad of careers available to those with a background in, and a passion for music!
Many musicians chose to pursue a combination of these musical professions, making them incredibly versatile and well-rounded!

Audio Engineer

An audio engineer is responsible for using technology to improve the production quality of recorded music. They also do live sound mixing during live performances at concert halls, theatres, and arenas. Audio engineers require a high degree of technological proficiency, excellent aural musicianship skills, and a great deal of patience!

There are also sound and audio engineers who hold engineering degrees, who work primarily in acoustical engineering, creating new sound technologies such as perfecting instruments, collaborating with architects to create buildings that best amplify sound, and even in the medical application of sound and music, such as the field of psychoacoustics.

Here is an interesting video depicting a day in the life of an audio engineer:

What other aspects of music are audio engineers involved with? Tell us in the comments below!

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