Organization In Choir: The Music Binder

Choir Binder

Our music binders are one of the most important aspects of our choral lives that we need to keep organized. Because of the high volume of music that we learn, especially music that we work on throughout the year, there are several steps we take to ensure our binders stay organized.

The first step is that we give each chorister an assigned binder. The number of the binder is recorded each year, and returning choristers are given the same binder number. We also give out choir bags in which to keep the choir binder, as well as a pencil and a waterbottle. This is to ensure that choristers have one place in which to keep their music.

The second step is our use of sheet protectors. These are plastic inserts that sit in the choir binder. Our music goes inside the sheet protectors, ensuring that the music isn’t ripped or bent, or spilled on!

The third step is organizing the music within the binders. This is left up to the discretion of each individual chorister, but most choristers organize their music alphabetically. When we get closer to a concert, many choristers switch their organization system to reflect the concert order.


How do you keep your music organized? Tell us in the comments below!


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How do you organize your choir binder? Tell us in the comments below!