Present Focused Performance

Present Focused Performance

Performing is a unique aspect of singing with a group. By the time a performance rolls around, the basic necessities of learning a piece of music are already accomplished. The notes, and rhythms have been learned, the words have been memorized. Performance evokes something completely different in musicians. It makes demands of your present self:

#1. Forgiving Mistakes:
One of the most beautiful things about music is that there is never perfection. A performance only highlights this, because there are a myriad of factors that contribute to a successful performance, and very rarely do they all go off without a hitch. In a choir setting, there is also the variable of many more voices. Thus, mistakes, even small ones are bound to happen in a live performance. To stay present focused, instantaneous forgiveness of any mistakes is crucial.

#2. Responsiveness:
In a choral performance, the conductor is not simply there to keep the beat, or to bring everyone in on their respective entrances. It is the unique responsibility of the conductor to respond to the energy of both the audience and the performers, to enhance the musicality at any given moment. By remaining focused on the present, singers are able to respond to the slightest direction from their conductor, making the performance that much more sensitive and nuanced.

#3. Creating a moment:
Performing is different from just learning a piece of music, and singing it for yourself. By allowing an audience to hear the music that you have spent time and energy working on, a new opportunity opens up. Performers who are present focused, can respond, in real time to the reactions, emotion, and energy from their audience, heightening heightening the musical experience for all! Creating a musical moment like this can only happen when a performer is focused on the present.

How else does performance encourage you to stay focused on the present? Tell us in the comments below!

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