Singing For Wellness

Singing For Wellness

There are many studies that have shown the benefits of music on cognitive function, and childhood development, but perhaps one of the greatest benefits of music, and singing in particular is the benefits to our sense of well being.

#1. Physical Well-being:

Singing requires a great deal of physicality, and an excellent sense of self. Because a singer’s body is their instrument, there is a far greater emphasis placed on understanding your body. Singers need to ensure that they eat properly, sleep properly and rest their voices, so that their voices are at their best!

#2. Mental Well-being:

Singing is also an incredibly cerebral activity. It involves conceptualizing one’s voice internally, since a singer is unable to view, and manipulate their instrument in the same way other musicians can. Stress, fear, and uncertainty all influence the way the human voice sounds, as do excitement, anticipation, and happiness, so it is important for singers to understand, and address the emotions they are feeling.

#3. Singing With Others:

Perhaps the greatest benefit of singing, is that singing with others has been shown to greatly enhance one’s sense of well-being. Since choir is a social activity that requires members to pay great attention to what those around them are doing, a choir becomes a very close knit group; supporting, and unconditionally accepting the diversity of its members.

How else can singing enhance your wellness? Tell us in the comments below!

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