Studying Music At University

Studying Music In University

Many of our choristers have gone on to study music, or arts related programs at University, and there are a variety of different career paths you can take to make music an even larger part of your life. We’ll discuss musical careers in greater detail in an upcoming series. Many of our choristers have also gone on to study other fields, but have kept music as a part of their university experience, through university choirs, or attendance at musical productions at their universities. Here are several of the benefits to studying music in university:

#1. Several paths:
There are a multitude of different degree programs that relate to music in university. The Bachelor’s of Music (BMus) is a performance based degree. The Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A. Mus) allows students to explore a more diversified degree, with more courses in music history, music theory, composition etc… A Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) allows students to pursue a variety of different subjects within the Arts programs; dance, drama, music, and art. There are also much more specific music programs, such as Music Therapy, or Sound Engineering, that combine music with science and technology!

#2. Exploring options:
Because music is such a varied field, it is often a requirement in most music programs to take a variety of different options. Singers, for example, are often required to take several language courses. This opens up opportunities for exploration of other areas of study, or even for study abroad programs. Musicians are also often required to take courses in other areas of the arts, such as dance, drama, art history etc… These options can really expand the scope of what being a musician means, and has led to some very interesting multi-discipline collaborations!

#3. Community:
One of the most wonderful aspects of music is the community it engenders. The musical community at universities are often a tight-knit group, since musicians have many classes together, as well as masterclasses, rehearsals, and concerts together. This community aspect spreads outside of those majoring in music though, many universities offer choirs that students in any degree program can join. There are also often recitals and concerts that are steeply discounted (and sometimes free!) for students. Studying music at university doesn’t necessarily mean majoring in music – there are some wonderful opportunities to get to know other students through musical activities!

What do you think about studying music at university? Have you considered it? Tell us in the comments below!

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