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  • Fear In Singing

    Fear is a common emotional response in singing, and it’s a difficult emotion to combat. Here are three ways to re-frame fear in singing: #1. Fear can be positive: Fear as a human emotion, is actually there for good reason. It prevents us from things that may harm us. While singing is not actually harmful, […]

  • Trust In Singing

    Singing, and music in general engender many emotions, as discussed in this post. There are many positive emotions that arise from singing, as well as the occasional one. One aspect of positive emotion found particularly in choral singing, is trust. Trust is a powerful emotion because it takes time and effort to build, but can […]

  • How Emotions Affect Singing

    Emotion is necessary in musical expression, but our emotions can have a very strong effect on how we sing. Here are 3 ways in which our emotions can affect our singing: #1. Positive emotions: Positive emotions, such as joy, excitement, and love, often have an equally positive impact on our singing. These emotions help us […]

  • Joy In Singing

    Singing has been shown to be beneficial in various ways; it improves breathing, circulation, enhances cognitive abilities, and lowers stress levels. But one of the best outcomes of singing, and particularly singing in a group is the joy and happiness #1. Good music: Music has the ability to make us feel a myriad of different […]