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  • 4 Ways In Which Singing In A Choir Increases Your Confidence

    Musicians often have a healthy dose of confidence. It comes from the self-discipline, self-awareness, and sheer amount of practice that is a part of the process of learning music. Here are four ways in which singing in a choir can increase your confidence: #1. Conductor: Despite the myriad of jokes about what exactly a conductor’s […]

  • The 5 Best Music Apps For Singers

    Apps have become prevalent with our use of technology, and they can be highly beneficial for singers on the go. There are a myriad of excellent resources available for musicians at the touch of a finger, but here are 5 apps that we think are some of the best for singers. YouTube: (available for iOS and […]

  • 3 Ways Singers Can Manage Illness

    Getting sick at some point during the singing season is inevitable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a singer is completely out of commission. Here are three ways that singers can manage illness: #1. Be proactive: The best thing a singer can do is to prevent themselves from getting sick by being proactive. This can […]

  • 3 Techniques To Memorize Music

    All musicians must memorize music at some point in their careers, and singers have an extra bit of work to do when it comes to memorizing music, because there is the added layer of text that needs to be memorized. #1. Repetition: This seems quite basic, but one of the best techniques for memorizing music […]