The Benefits of Singing With An Orchestra


Calgary Children's Choir

The Calgary Children’s Choir has been very fortunate over the years to have performed with a variety of musicians both locally and internationally. It is of the utmost benefit to young minds to be as exposed to as many kinds of performances as possible. From our concerts with local musicians, to our yearly participation in Alberta Ballet’s Nutcracker, we have had several wonderful opportunities to perform with orchestras. Here are three benefits of singing with an orchestra:

#1. Everybody is necessary:
Although there can be many different people involved in a concert, every single member of an orchestra, or a choir, is essential to that performance. Understanding this kind of teamwork is important to one’s growth as a musician. Even if you are only one part of the entire performance, you are still an essential aspect. Performing with other musicians is a great joy, and it can be highly beneficial, both physically and mentally.

#2. Seemingly disparate parts make up a whole:
It is always amazing to hear how the radically different sounds of a trombone, and a violin can sound so wonderful together. Orchestras are composed of a myriad of different sounds, and it is an excellent skill to be able to determine by ear which instrument makes which sound. Performing with an orchestra enables singers to become adept at picking out different sounds, and focusing on them, at hearing subtle differences, and understanding how the disparate sounds work together. These abilities have numerous non-musical applications, like memory retention, problem-solving skills, and the ability to focus intently.

#3. Focus is key :
With so many elements involved in a performance, it can be easy to become distracted. This is why focus is an essential skill a singer must develop. By learning to focus on the subtle instructions a conductor gives, or the variations in sound being produced by all of the different musicians in an orchestra as well as the singers around you, a singer can truly hone this important skill. Focus is an incredibly valuable skill outside of performance, as our world becomes increasingly filled with distractions.

What are some other benefits of singing with an orchestra? Tell us in the comments below!

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