The Importance of Early Music Education

The Importance of Early Music Education

Every day we learn more about the many benefits of music education. There have been numerous studies in recent years highlighting the myriad ways in which learning music can benefit people in both mind, and body! Nowhere is this more evident than in early childhood:

#1. Sound is natural:
Sound is everywhere. It is as much a part of our natural world as anything else. Teaching children to feel the beat, or hear pitches organized in a certain way, feels as natural to them as learning to identify the colours they see around them, or to count the number of blocks they’re playing with. By teaching them musical concepts at an early age, we reinforce that music and sound are a natural part of our lives, and we provide guidance to our children about how to navigate those sounds.

#2. Fundamentals:
By teaching small children the fundamentals of music early, we ensure that by the time they are old enough for junior choir, or even private lessons in a particular instrument, they possess an inherent understanding of the fundamentals of music. Learning music at such a young age, also helps children develop a fundamental understanding of language, how to use their bodies and even basic mathematical concepts!

#3. Early socialization:
It is very rare that one learns music completely by oneself. Our music programs reinforce the concept of learning with others. Music is a shared experience; learning with others helps children to reinforce the concepts they’re learning, as they watch other children, and learn in different ways from each other. It also helps to socialize children early, preparing them to interact well with others.

You can learn more about our Early Music Education program, the Music Makers here!

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