The Importance of Presentation In Choir

The Importance of Presentation In Choir

Presentation in a choral concert is an essential aspect of every performance – and there are several different kinds of presentation that inform a performance:

#1. Visual presentation:

The goal of choir is to present a multitude of varied sounds as one voice. Our objective then, could be hampered by an incongruous visual presentation. This is why we wear uniforms at concerts – when we look uniform, our visual presentation becomes unified, and helps us to present a unified sound. We also strive to stand still, or if we are using movement, we seek to have unified movement as well, helping us to present the best choral sound possible!

#2. Auditory presentation:

Our presentation of sound is obviously one of the most important aspects of a choral concert. We spend a great deal of time working on creating blended sound; focusing on our vowels, listening, and our harmonizing skills. More than that though, we work on the dynamics, tempo, and word-painting to present our best sound during a concert. The mood that we can create with our sound helps us to convey the essential aspects of music that audiences love!

#3. Storytelling:

Another essential aspect to a choral performance is storytelling. Music is about communicating, and since singers have the added layer of text to inform our performance, how we present our pieces to the audience is essential. Our choristers spend time in rehearsal discussing the meaning of pieces, as well as the history of the music, and the composer who wrote the music. All of this information, as well as our own interpretations of the music help us to convey the meaning of our music to the audience!

How else is presentation important in choir? Tell us in the comments below!

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