3 Ways In Which Choir Makes You More Adventurous!

Calgary Children's Choir

Choir is an excellent place to test out uncertain waters. It is safe, and communal, and supportive, and it’s a great place to become more adventurous!

#1. Weird warmups:
Singing makes many demands of us, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to strange warmups. We are often tasked with creating sounds rarely heard by human ears, making odd faces, windmilling our arms, wandering around whilst our eyes are closed, singing on various vowels, all of which can feel slightly disconcerting. All of these strange activities help make us better singers, but participating in something that makes us feel slightly uncomfortable, can also help us discover how to push through our own self-imposed limitations.

#2. Meeting new people:
Choir is an excellent way to meet new people, because it is, by definition, a group activity! It is also an activity in which new people are constantly being introduced. The CCC accepts new members all year, so there are often new friends to be made, and we regularly work with local musicians, composers, and sometimes other members of the Calgary arts community, like dancers, puppeteers, and actors! Constantly being introduced to new people is an adventure in and of itself, and a great way to become more adventurous!

#3. Travel:
We are very fortunate that we get to travel every few years as a choir (including a tour to Italy this summer!) Travel is almost always a rewarding experience, but traveling with the choir is a different kind of reward. It teaches us how to be independent, how to be problem-solvers, how to communicate in other languages and how to enjoy other different cultures. It opens our eyes, and our minds to different experiences, and ways of life.

How else can choir make you more adventurous? Tell us in the comments below!

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