5 Life Lessons From Choir

#1. Always Bring A Pencil:

It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that in choir, you should always have a pencil. This is pretty good advice in life as well; always be prepared!


#2. Work as Part of a Team: 

The great thing about singing in a choir is that you’re singing with many voices, all with the same goal of making beautiful music. Working well with others, towards a common goal is a great life skill!

= children's choir


#3. Help Each Other:

Helping out the people around you is a great skill to have!

= Helping

#4. Be a Great Communicator:

Music is all about great communication, and so is life!


#5. Have Fun!:


= Fun



Do you have any more life lessons from your experience as a chorister? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Emilia Grindlay Avatar
    Emilia Grindlay

    With Ms. Strome, the answer is always #2!! 🙂