Organization In Choir – Concert Readiness

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Concerts are some of the most important events for our choir during the year. Here are several tips to make sure you are organized and ready for a concert!

#1. Make sure your uniform is ready:
Our uniforms are an important aspect of our presentation as a choir, so you need to ensure that your uniform is concert ready. When you get your uniform at the beginning of the year, the first thing you should do, is check that it fits properly. And since children grow at an astounding rate, you need to check that your uniform fits, at least one week before the first concert! You also need to make sure that the uniform is clean, and is worn properly. We have a uniform guideline with photos in our Members Portal.

#2. Make sure you have your music learned:
Learning your music is an essential aspect of concert readiness. Performing is not just about singing the words and the notes that we’ve learned. It is about responding to the conductor, and the voices around you, as well as the energy from the audience, and delivering a ‘musical moment’. Each performance of a piece is different, because of these nuanced factors. Having your music learned before the concert, ensures that you can respond to each of these subtle aspects, and deliver something spectacular!

#3. Make sure you are punctual: 
Arriving for a concert on time is essential. We always have an earlier call time than our performance, but this doesn’t mean you should be late. The call time is important for the choristers to have time before a performance, together, to make sure that everything feels settled, and calm before the concert. At our Christmas concert, we also take our class photos, and if you’re late, you won’t be in the photo!


How do you organize yourself so you’ll be ready for a concert? Tell us in the comments below!

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