Organization In Choir – Learning Music


Sometimes learning all that music can feel overwhelming! Here are several tips to help organize learning your music:

#1. Attend rehearsals:
This is the single best thing a chorister can do to learn their music. Attending rehearsals  reinforces the music regularly, and ensures that choristers can learn their music, and feel successful performing. Paying attention during rehearsals, and listening to other choristers is another effective way to learn music quickly.

#2. Listen to recordings:
This has become a very viable option for singers with the advent of technology. There are many recordings available on itunes, or through Youtube, which allow us to listen to other choirs interpretations’ of the music we’re learning. These recordings can be valuable because the give you another example of how to perform a piece. It’s a great way to get inspiration and to learn how other choirs are interpreting the music!

#3. Take time with your music:
Ensure that you don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed with any of your music. For the most part, we can learn our music in rehearsals, but if you’re feeling like you don’t know all the words, or are finding a passage, particularly tricky, make sure you take the time to go over it by yourself. Here are several helpful resources for choristers.


What organizational techniques do you use to learn your music? Tell us in the comments below!

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