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  • Discipline In Singing

    One of the most important aspects of learning music, is the discipline that it requires. Studying music is not like many other pursuits; it  requires continual and dedicated time, patience, and discipline. #1. Little by little: Music, like learning a new language, is best done in small, but consistent portions of time. The repetition required […]

  • The Value Of Not Performing

    The Calgary Children’s Choir has three major performances a year; our Christmas concert, our Folk Concert, and our Spring concert. Sometimes we’ll have other singing engagements sprinkled in as well. Much of the music that we learn throughout the year is chosen for one of those concerts, but sometimes we learn music without having a […]

  • Organization In Choir – Learning Music

    Sometimes learning all that music can feel overwhelming! Here are several tips to help organize learning your music: #1. Attend rehearsals: This is the single best thing a chorister can do to learn their music. Attending rehearsals  reinforces the music regularly, and ensures that choristers can learn their music, and feel successful performing. Paying attention […]