Organization In Choir – Important Dates



Aside from our regular rehearsals, the choir also has several important dates to remember during the year. Here are several steps to help you remember the important dates for choir:

#1. Ensure you receive a calendar at the beginning of the choir year:
Our business manager Mrs. White, gives each chorister and their parents a schedule for the year upon registration. In addition, all of the important dates for the choir year can be found on our website. We have a dedicated calendar that lists all of the important dates, including workshops, and concerts. By clinking on each event, you can see the full details. We also have a list of the concert schedule for each choral year.

#2. Ensure you don’t schedule any conflicts on these important dates:
Concerts and workshops are an essential part of the choir experience. It is important to do everything you can to ensure you don’t have any scheduling conflicts with these events. Make sure you write important choir dates down on your personal calendars, so you don’t miss anything!

#3. Rest up:
Concerts and workshops take a lot of energy. There is nothing worse than feeling exhausted or sick on a concert day, so make sure that you’re taking care of yourself in the days leading up to these important events. Resting, eating well, and making sure your voice is in good shape, will help you to be at your best for workshops and concerts!


How do you remember important choir dates? Tell us in the comments below!

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