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  • Calgary Children’s Choir presents Bach to Rock

    Saturday May 11, 2019 at 7:00pm. 🎫 Tickets Now Available! Purchase yours here! Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall (Rozsa Centre)206 University Court NWCalgary, AB

  • Calgary Children’s Choir presents Folk & Baroque

    March 16, 2019 at 7:00pm. – Tickets Now Available Purchase yours here!

  • 5 Ways To Cultivate Community In Choir

    We are so very fortunate in the CCC to have a thriving community of not just present choristers, but alumni as well. Creating a sense of community, and belonging, is very important to us, and we work hard to make sure that the only requirement for inclusion in the CCC is a love of music! […]

  • 30th Reunion Roundup!

    This past weekend was our 30th Reunion celebrations! An absolutely wonderful time was had by all, and a big thank-you to all of the volunteers , parents, teachers, conductors, alumni, and the wonderful Mrs. White who helped us make this weekend a success! On Friday night we had a reception at the Crescent Heights Church. […]

  • The Alumni Advantage

    As we approach our 30th Reunion Celebrations, it is important to look back over the past years, at all of the people who have come and gone from our organization. Choir is ultimately about people, and how those people come together for a time and form a community. The ‘alumni advantage’ then is the lasting […]

  • Math and Science in Music: Brain Power

    Music is such a wonderful pursuit for mind and body because it is not just an art form, but combines a myriad of other disciplines, including mathematics, biology, and physics. This series, Math and Science in Music will explore the many ways in which music incorporates a variety of these disciplines. BRAIN POWER Musicians require […]

  • The Value of Singing With Different Ages

    There are many reasons why it is valuable to sing with others, but it is especially beneficial to sing with others of different ages. Here are three reasons why: #1. Voice types: For many children, being able to sing with the full spectrum of voice types is something they have to wait until they are […]

  • Organization In Choir – Important Dates

      Aside from our regular rehearsals, the choir also has several important dates to remember during the year. Here are several steps to help you remember the important dates for choir: #1. Ensure you receive a calendar at the beginning of the choir year: Our business manager Mrs. White, gives each chorister and their parents a […]

  • Unisong!

      The Calgary Children’s Choir will be going on tour in the summer of 2015, and we are so thrilled to be returning to the Unisong music festival in Ottawa! The choir first attended the Unisong music festival in 2007, and we are very excited to be returning again.     The Unisong choral festival takes […]

  • Songs Of The Cinema: Movie Musicals

    In preparation for our upcoming concert, Songs of the Cinema on May 10th 2014, we are starting a blog series of the same name, which will focus on a different aspect of ‘movie music’ each week!   Movie musicals are a genre of film, and were a natural extension of theatrical musicals, when audio technology advanced to […]

  • Singing For The Joy Of It: A History Of Our Motto

    Singing For the Joy Of It is the motto of the Calgary Children’s Choir, and has been for the past 27 years! We asked Rosemarie Sherban, the choir founder, how she came up with the choir’s powerful and meaningful motto, what the motto means to her, and if the choir is still living up to […]

  • The Value of Touring

    Tour is just one of the many exciting benefits of joining a choir. The Calgary Children’s Choir tours every two years, and we carefully select touring destinations that enhance our music knowledge, and our cultural experiences. Here are three reasons why going on tour is such a valuable experience:   #1. Exposure to new cultures: […]

  • Classical Era Music Versus Classical Music

    The term “classical music” has become something of  a misnomer, used to describe virtually any music that was not written within the last fifty years. This can be quite misleading, as the term “Classical Music” is actually used to describe a very specific time period in music history. Most importantly, the term refers to stylistic […]

  • Welcome to 2014!

        Welcome to 2014! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We are so excited to be starting another great season of singing. There are a number of exciting events planned for the coming months. In March, we have our Folk Concert entitled Cantar! Spain, in Song. The concert will be held at 7:00 […]

  • The Importance of Analysing Text

        Text is an integral aspect of music, and is generally only found in vocal music. For the most part, instrumentalists do not have to worry about diction, enunciation, pronunciation, and most importantly, the detailed process of understanding the text. For singers, text is an inherent facet of music; one that provides us with […]

  • Notre-Dame and Saint Eustache

    What can I say about today that will do it any justice? One thing is certain: it is unanimous among the touring choir that today was one of the most amazing days ever! It began with the world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is hard to even describe if you have never been. It’s more than just […]

  • Welcome to Tour 2013: France and Spain!

    Happy Canada Day! We are so thrilled to be leaving tomorrow (July 2nd) for our 10 day tour of France and Spain! Stay tuned to the ‘News’ section of our website to keep updated with the tour blog that we will be keeping! The daily blog posts will start on July 3rd, and will also […]

  • A Fauré Into Spring: Concert Roundup

    Our final spring concert of the year, ‘A Fauré Into Spring’, was held Saturday evening in the Rosza Centre at the University of Calgary. The concert was emceed by our fantastic vocal coach, Jessica Lutzak, whose positive energy and cheerful words, helped to create the perfect spring mood. The concert was such a wonderful way […]

  • Thom(p)son Grey Tartan

    One of the most important symbols of the Calgary Children’s Choir is the iconic kilt worn as part of our dress uniform. Our kilt is made from an authentic Scottish pattern called a tartan. The specific pattern we use is called the Thom(p)son Grey tartan, and it was registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority in […]