Singing in Segovia

The day started off bright and early with a lovely breakfast at 7:45!


After a delicious breakfast we departed for Segovia, where we visited the castle Alcazar, the segovian cathedral, and admired the beautiful architecture of the roman aqueducts. The Aqueducts are truly works of art! They are held together with noting but gravity, and have been standing for over 2000 years!

la foto


Roman aquaducts




After a tour of the city, the choir had some free time to do a little shopping and get a bite to eat, before we headed back to the hotel for a nice rest and a little swimming!





At 6:45 we departed from the hotel for our last concert of the tour. This was the last concert ever for several of our choristers, which made it a very emotional concert for all of us. There was not a dry eye among the choristers! The audience really appreciated our concert as well. Many of them came backstage with hugs and kisses to thank us for our performance!
After such an emotional concert it was great to sit down, share some great food and have a laugh with good friends.  We got to try authentic Spanish Tapas and they were so good!


Today was amazing!

– Matthew Bedard, Emanuel Brissett, Josh Carr, Ethan Davies, Paul Vanhoutteghem


Singing For The Joy off It!



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