The Five Senses In Singing – Taste

Welcome to our series, The Five Senses In Singing! For the next five weeks, we will be examining how the five senses – soundsightsmell, touch, and taste, are all related to singing!



Taste is a very important sense in singing. As singers, our instrument is an integral part of our bodies, which means that any food we put in our bodies can have a negative or a positive impact on how we sing.
One of the most important things singers need to consume is liquid; specifically, water. Although coffee, and soda might seem like hydrating fluids, they can contain caffeine, which, as a diuretic, is not helpful in hydrating your voice.
Sugary drinks like soda, and fruit juices are also not great for singers because they leave a sugary coating on the throat. Milk is definitely something singers should drink, if they can, but not right before a concert, as dairy products can also leave a coating on the throat.

In terms of food, the best kinds of food to eat are healthy ones! Anything with a high salt content will not be helpful before a performance, because the salt will dry out your throat. Leafy greens, and lean protein are the best things a singer can eat before a concert!

Why else might taste be an important sense in singing? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Kat Avatar

    Let’s not forget the yummy treats choristers take turns bringing as snacks for break time! Tea and a biscuit can really give you a bit of energy to power through rehearsals!!!