Three Reasons Why You Should Sing Every Day


For many of us, singing is already a big part of our lives; we have choir rehearsals, workshops and concerts. But singing on a daily basis, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time has several impressive benefits:

#1. Stamina:
As with any muscle, the more you work out your voice, the better you will sound. The voice needs constant practice to gain better breath support, vocal range, and agility. The more you practice, the longer you can sing, the better your ear will pick up the nuances of difficult repertoire, and the more comfortable you’ll be with your instrument!

#2. Break Time:
Singing can be a great way to change up your day, particularly if it has been a long, stressful one! Singing requires a very intense focus, and is a particularly immersive endeavour, so it can be an excellent way to clear your mind, and to relieve any stress you may be experiencing. As well, using singing as a break from the stresses of your life, can ensure better focus when you do need to return to work.

#3. It’s so good for you:
There are so many emotional, psychological, and physiological benefits to singing. And the more you sing, the more you can reap the benefits! From increased lung capacity, to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), a recent study has even shown that singing can assist in regulating blood pressure! Singing also released endorphins in your brain, which are the ‘feel good’ hormones!

Do you sing every day? What do you like most about singing? Tell us in the comments below!

= Calgary Children's Choir