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  • Ottawa Tour 2015 Day 3!

    Today was a very full day, rehearsing en masse with the mind-bogglingly energetic and musically brilliant Dr Sirett. We were especially 8:30 in the morning when the rehearsal started, or six-thirty back home. We would love to learn his secrets. We were a bit bogged down this morning, too, with our formal uniforms for tonight’s […]

  • Ottawa Tour 2015 Day 4!

    We started the day bright and early with an 8:30 rehearsal with Dr. Sirett, tired and groggy from “the grog”, the music woke us up.   After a lunch on the fly, the bus took us by 22 Sussex Drive, and the Governor General’s house, en route to the Royal Canadian Mint. After a tour […]

  • Ottawa Tour 2015 – Day 2!

    Today was a very eventful day. We went to the Museum Of Canadian History, the mall and had our first mass rehearsal for Unisong! We woke up quite early to grey skies and the smell of rain, making sure we were dressed in the right choir tee shirt for the day (it matched the sky). […]

  • Ottawa 2015 Tour – Day 1

    What a day! Starting off bright and early, we met at the Calgary airport at 8:10 am. We took off right before noon. The flight was a little bumpy, but fun all the same! Granola bars and good company got us through the long flight.   Arriving in Ottawa, we saw it was cloudy and […]

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Sing Every Day

    For many of us, singing is already a big part of our lives; we have choir rehearsals, workshops and concerts. But singing on a daily basis, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time has several impressive benefits: #1. Stamina: As with any muscle, the more you work out your voice, the […]

  • Winter Retreat 2015 Roundup!

    On the weekend of January 30th, to February 1st, the Calgary Children’s Choir went up to Camp Horizon in Bragg Creek for our first ever Winter Retreat! The weekend was absolutely magnificent! Friday January 30th – We  arrived at camp in the evening and where excited to begin! We played a really fun-and competitive game […]

  • Choir Camp Roundup 2014!

    This past weekend we returned to choir camp out in Bragg Creek, for a weekend full of fun, laughter, and music! Our theme this year, created and implemented by our brilliant Creative Consultant, Kat Long, was ‘Science Camp!’ The choir was joined by the eccentric ‘Professor Pfiefferhorn’ from ‘Tunesburg’ (played by the wonderful Kat Long.) He […]

  • How To Get The Most Out Of Choir Camp

    Every year the Calgary Children’s Choir spends a weekend at camp in Bragg Creek at the end of September. The purpose of choir camp is to get to know one another, and to have a concerted period of time during which we can really get a good start on our music. This is so important […]