2019 Tour | Day 4 – Prague

Our morning began, as most fine mornings do, in the sweltering heat, on the Prague metro, in wool kilts, getting laughed at by crazy people.

We then made our way back to St. Vitus’ Cathedral to participate in Sunday mass with all other members of the festival. It was cool to see how the different eras affected the architecture.

On our way to the tram, we quickly stopped at St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard for some pretty pictures and souvenirs! 

We took a quick trip on the tram to the Old Town Square for lots of free time to get yummy food, and spent the rest of our Czech Korunas before we leave for Germany tomorrow. 

We made our way to the (thankfully cool) Church of St. Gallen to perform our shared concert with the Prague Lady Teachers’ Choir. It was a beautiful space to sing in, and both choirs did an excellent job! 

Finally, the crown jewel of our evening; our dinner cruise on the Vltava River. With food, a view, and the most beautiful souls we’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. We shared the night with the Spjevule and Strumochok choirs from Slovakia and the Ukraine respectively. Although we only parted mere hours ago, we miss them all dearly. We laughed, we cried, we left. We exchanged Instagram’s. It’s been an emotional night. 

It’s now very late. We have to pack so we can say goodbye to Prague and continue with our shenanigans in Eisenach tomorrow. We hope the rest of the trip is as good as today was! 


Baby Bach & the Gang 
(Adriana, Grace, and Sarah)





2 responses to “2019 Tour | Day 4 – Prague”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Thanks for the update, gals! It sounds like an incredible time!

  2. Marian Avatar

    What a fabulous time you all seem to be having. Isn’t it lucky those churches are not only beautiful but also cool? Marni’s Mom