2019 Tour | Day 5 – Eisenach

Baby Bach here! Hope you’re ready to find out all about our day today back in my hometown. We started off the day on the bus from Prague to Eisenach.

I stayed up to watch the rolling hills of my home country for a while, but eventually most of us decided to catch some z’s to pass the time.

After a few stops to grab some lunch and have a break, we arrived at my house! At least, what is used as the museum and was once thought to be my childhood home. At the Bachhaus, I was surprised to see how much artwork there was of me! I really liked this one:

We got some time to look around, and was happy to be able to see the beautiful, old garden.

After watching a presentation on the instruments that were used during my time (such as the harpsichord and chamber organ), we were back on the bus to head to Wartburg castle!

The architecture was absolutely lovely, and we got to enjoy a guided tour of the castle. We had time to wander the museum and were able to enjoy the exhibits and learn about the history of this city. After all of that, we headed to dinner to end the day.

We got to enjoy German food in a tavern-style restaurant. Everything was modeled after what seemed to be medieval-era décor and the people who worked there were dressed up in era appropriate garb as well. Overall, today was a blast and I’m sad to leave my hometown so soon, but on to the next town!

See ya,
Baby Bach (also Carly, Meghan, Rachael, and Sasha)





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  1. John Greaves Avatar
    John Greaves

    When Baby Bach grows up, he will famously say “It is the special province of music to move the heart.” But he had it easy, only having to hit the right keys at the right moment, leaving the music to just fall out. Your voices, personal, committed and vulnerable, not only feed the heart, but lift the mere black and white from the page to breathe meaning into our lives as we find love seductively hanging in the space between each fleeting moment of every gifted note. This is where we seek life; that space where we find our souls and where we receive a glimpse of you. Thank you ladies for your lovely “note.”