2019 Tour | Day 6 – Leipzig

The choir started the day off bright and early to travel to Ohrdruf to visit the house Bach stayed in with his brother after his parents had died. It was  a a little windy, but the cooler weather was very welcome! After a short time in the square we once again hit the road traveling now to Arnstadt!

Once we arrived, we took a short walk to the first church Bach had worked in, as the organist! In the year 1703 Bach traveled to Arnstadt to inspect the churches organ. The choristers can attest to how gorgeous the organ is, the photos just dont do it justice.

Next we were off to Weimer! After some free time in the towns main square, we started our guided tour, observing some of Weimers most famous buildings and houses; including the very famous Elephant hotel!

Our long day ended in Leipzig, with everyone checking into the beautiful hotel, and having some free time for dinner in the square! We can certainly verify that the bratwurst in Germany is like no other.

We are both joyed and sorrowed to say that baby Bach, our beloved mascot for the trip, fell back in love with his home town of Eisenach, and decided he would take a leave of absence from the group to catch up with some old friends, he will be missed, but we wish him all the best! 

Gute Nacht!





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  1. Andrzej Szczepkowicz Avatar
    Andrzej Szczepkowicz

    On Wednesday in Leipzig you also gave a lovely performance in Saint Thomas’ Church, at J.S.Bach’s grave. For me, and also for other tourists and some Leipzigers who were lucky to be there at that moment, it was a joy to hear you. Thank you!