Choir As Refuge

Choir As Refuge

Choir has been touted as an excellent way to form and engage in community, but it can be even more important than that, particularly for young people. Choir is often a refuge, during confusing, lonely, and difficult times in our lives.

Because of the supportive nature of choral singing, and the emotive power of music, choir can act as a safe space for people. During difficult, turbulent times in our lives, choir creates a connected, compassionate group of people who care not only about our musical contributions, but about who we are as a person. A choir is a collective, a family, and it allows people to feel that others understand the core aspects of themselves.

This is essential in our young lives, when we are growing and changing, and it feels as though external forces are working against us. Through choir, we know that we always have people on our side, that we’re part of a team, working together towards something about which we care deeply. Music allows us to communicate emotions that are larger and more complex than language can allow. To be able to share that with a larger group of people creates a bond like no other, a safe place to explore the world, and ourselves, through a shared love of music.

When has choir been a refuge for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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