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  • 5 Ways To Cultivate Community In Choir

    We are so very fortunate in the CCC to have a thriving community of not just present choristers, but alumni as well. Creating a sense of community, and belonging, is very important to us, and we work hard to make sure that the only requirement for inclusion in the CCC is a love of music! […]

  • Constructive Criticism In Choir

    Getting feedback on your performance is a common aspect of almost every endeavour. While it can be a bit uncomfortable to receive feedback about something as personal as your voice, and your singing, constructive criticism is an essential aspect of singing, and particularly singing in a choir. Here are three things to remember about constructive […]

  • The Benefits of Singing in the Community

    The Calgary Children’s Choir performs three major concerts a year, including our upcoming Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 9th. Interspersed with these concerts are a variety of events out and about in the community, and it’s always such an exciting opportunity for our choir to experience these performances: #1. Fresh Perspective: New performance opportunities are […]

  • Choir As Refuge

    Choir has been touted as an excellent way to form and engage in community, but it can be even more important than that, particularly for young people. Choir is often a refuge, during confusing, lonely, and difficult times in our lives. Because of the supportive nature of choral singing, and the emotive power of music, […]

  • Choir As Community

    There have been many studies in recent years that describe the physical and psychological benefits of singing. Choral music is unique in that it combine the benefits of singing, with the added benefits of being part of a community: #1. Shared interests: Those people who choose to join a choir are joining for a variety […]

  • Music At Celebrations

    Music is a valuable element in many aspects of our lives. We’ve discussed music at sporting events before. Celebrations are another aspect of our lives at which music is an important element. Celebrations are a meaningful part of the fabric of our society. They allow us to come together as a community, and partake in […]

  • A Child’s Carol 2015 – Concert Roundup!

    I think that even more important than singing well, is the camaraderie and sense of ensemble that our choristers bring to every rehearsal and performance event. The performing comes out of a deep respect and love for the music and each other. This is what is rewarding for me, in the experience of a concert, […]