Math and Science In Music – Sound Waves

Math and Science in Music - Sound Waves

Music is such a wonderful pursuit for mind and body because it is not just an art form, but combines a myriad of other disciplines, including mathematics, biology, and physics. This series, Math and Science in Music will explore the many ways in which music incorporates a variety of these disciplines.

Sound Waves

The way we understand sound, is a product of the scientific discipline of physics. From the study of physics, we understand that sound is a vibration; a mechanical wave of pressure through air (or sometimes water!)

sound waveIn the diagram above you can see that the type of wave generated has a great effect on what kind of sound is eventually produced. Sound waves affect volume, pitch, timbre, and dynamic!

Check out this interesting video for a deeper understanding of the physics of sound:


How else is the discipline of physics used in music? Tell us in the comments below!

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