Tag: Halloween

  • What Makes Music Sound ‘Haunting’?

    One of the most amazing aspects of music is how it can help to establish an atmosphere, or evoke particular emotions without words, or gestures; through sound alone. Just in time for Halloween, here are three things that help to make music sound ‘haunting’: #1. Modality: Western music has two main modalities; major or minor. […]

  • Atmospheric Music

    Happy Halloween! In honour of this spooktacular day, we thought we would discuss how important music can be in the creation of atmosphere! #1. Creating tension: Try watching a scary movie without the sound, and suddenly, it becomes significantly less terrifying. This is because music and sound are used to great effect, in enhancing tension. […]

  • Halloween Concert Roundup!

    Despite the 15 centimetres of snow, and blowing winds last night, our first concert of the year – the much anticipated Halloween concert – was a rousing success! The hall was decorated for Halloween by our amazing decorating committee, led by our Creative Consultant, Kat Long (who dressed up as an ice cream sundae!) It […]