Musical Professions: Performer

This is the fourth post in our series, Musical Professions, in which we will be taking a closer look at the myriad of careers available to those with a background in, and a passion for music! Many musicians chose to pursue a combination of these musical professions, making them incredibly[…]

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The Value Of Not Performing

The Calgary Children’s Choir has three major performances a year; our Christmas concert, our Folk Concert, and our Spring concert. Sometimes we’ll have other singing engagements sprinkled in as well. Much of the music that we learn throughout the year is chosen for one of those concerts, but sometimes we[…]

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Performer Placement

  There are many different ways to arrange a choir, based on how the conductor determines the best choral sound can be achieved. This can lead to many variations in performer placement. #1. In a more traditional choir formation, the lowest voices are usually found in the middle section of[…]

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