Italy Tour – Travel and Rome!

Hello, it has been a very long day for all of us here in Italy!

First things first, at 9 AM on the 2nd of July we met at the Calgary International Airport, bright eyed and exited to fly to Italy!
Except first we had to fly to Toronto and wait a bit, having some dinner while we did so. Then, at 8:00(ish) their time, we hopped on another flight! This one going direct to Rome!
Don’t we look awake!


Eight hours later we arrived, collected our things, and set out with Adrianna, our lovely guide. Please bear in mind, we had now been travelling, more or less constantly awake, for at least 15 hours. But it was only noon in Italy! So we headed to our lovely hotel, found some delicious lunch from local places, and settled in for an hour or so. I am told there are some who did not sleep during this time. I was not one of them.


At 3:30, 21 hours into our day, we met back in the lobby to go into central Rome and have a walking tour. It was nominally supposed to take us to a number of different fountains, including the famous Trevi fountain. I would give you play-by-play details, but it was just so phenomenal. Every corner you turned, every side street you took, led you to another breathtaking piece of artistry. We learned to drink from ancient roman fountains, and even managed to sneak quickly into the Pantheon since there were no lines! We even sang a little, just to enjoy the sound of our voices in the ancientness streets.







By about the time we were ready to drop, we arrived at a perfect place to! Dinner was lovely, even if most of us were too tired to properly enjoy it, and the gelato for dessert was phenomenal.

At long last, around 26 hours from when we first collected together, we made our way back to the coach to take us home to sleep for the night. And sleep we shall.

In fact, I’m off to do that right now.

Sweet dreams, and ci vediamo domani (see you tomorrow)!

Victoria GM






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