Flamenco Guitar

Continuing our posts about Spanish music, and in particular the Flamenco style from the Andalusian region, in today’s post we will be looking at the flamenco guitar!

Flamenco guitar 1


The Flamenco guitar is quite similar to a classical guitar, in its structure, and sound. There are subtle differences, however, including the use of lighter woods than classical guitar, so that the top portion of the guitar plays with a ‘brighter’ sound. This is especially important for the more percussive section of Flamenco, when the guitar player taps the top of the guitar in time with the dancing! Flamenco guitars often have a section on top of the guitar that allows the guitarist to make these percussive sounds.

In general, flamenco guitars are constructed using harder woods. As well, their strings are not meant to sustain notes as well as classical guitars. This is because of the speed of flamenco, and its rhythmic quality. A lighter, faster guitar means that the flamenco music sounds crisp and patterned!


Have you ever heard flamenco guitar? What did you think?

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