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  • Folk Concert 2014 – Cantar! Concert Roundup

    On Saturday evening, we had our annual Folk Music Concert. This year, in honour of our tour last summer to Spain, we featured Spanish folk songs! We were thrilled to have Anastassiia Moussatova perform some amazing flamenco dance for us, and we were also very excited to have Brent Van Dusen on percussion, Michael Boyle […]

  • Flamenco Guitar

    Continuing our posts about Spanish music, and in particular the Flamenco style from the Andalusian region, in today’s post we will be looking at the flamenco guitar!   The Flamenco guitar is quite similar to a classical guitar, in its structure, and sound. There are subtle differences, however, including the use of lighter woods than […]

  • Flamenco!

    As our Spanish folk concert approaches, we are getting very excited about many of the interesting elements of Spanish culture that our touring choir  experienced on our recent trip to Spain. One of those elements was the Spanish tradition of Flamenco!   Many people associate Flamenco with a style of dance, but that’s just one […]

  • All Too Soon

    We started our day at 9:00 in the morning, when we got on our tour bus to go to the El Prado Museum. We were all very excited because we had learned a bit about some of the paintings during our rehearsals in Calgary. While we were there, we all got to see some really […]