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  • Calgary Children’s Choir presents Folk & Baroque

    March 16, 2019 at 7:00pm. – Tickets Now Available Purchase yours here!

  • Calgary Children’s Choir Presents Bach to Bethlehem

    We are super excited to announce our Christmas concert, Bach to Bethlehem! Tickets will be a hot commodity so be sure to purchase yours here!  

  • 2018 Fall Choir Camp

    2018 Fall Choir Camp

    This year’s camp was yet another success! Choristers showed up at Camp Horizon buzzing about the weekend to come and were already looking forward to Skit Night, campfire songs and all the other activities camp has to offer. After the first night of icebreaker games, the real “work” began. The first full day at camp […]

  • Singers As Storytellers

    The voice is a wonderful and singular instrument because of its unique ability to convey story. Composers have used variations in tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony and rhythm to convey a story, but singers have the added layer of text, and are thus uniquely equipped to also be storytellers. Here are 3 things singers must consider […]

  • Welcome to 2018!

    Happy New Year! We are excited to return for another wonderful singing season in 2018. We have many exciting events upcoming, and we hope you’ll join us for many of them! Winter Camp: We have an upcoming winter retreat to Camp Horizon for our Calgary Children’s Choir and Calgary Youth Choir! This is a great […]

  • ‘Johann’s Gift To Christmas’ Concert Roundup!

    This past Saturday we held our Annual Christmas Concert at the Rozsa Centre featuring our three performing choirs; the Calgary Junior Choir, Calgary Children’s Choir, and Calgary Youth Choir. We were also pleased to feature performances from our friends, Hilary and Noel of the Amante Duo, as well as our own choristers in the Calgary […]

  • The Sounds of Silence

    Choir, and music in general is all about how to organize sound, so it seems incongruous to discuss the importance of silence in singing. But silence is an exceptionally important aspect of music, and here are three reasons why: #1. Audience: In classical settings, unlike more popular music concerts, the audience is expected to be […]

  • Welcome To 2016!

    We’re very excited to begin the second half of our 2016 singing season! Coming up on February 27th, 2016, we have a very special mass choir and orchestral performance. We will be performing two works by Karl Jenkins, In These Stones Horizons Sing, and Requiem. We are inviting any parents, friends, and our CCC alumni […]

  • A Child’s Carol 2015 – Concert Roundup!

    I think that even more important than singing well, is the camaraderie and sense of ensemble that our choristers bring to every rehearsal and performance event. The performing comes out of a deep respect and love for the music and each other. This is what is rewarding for me, in the experience of a concert, […]

  • Spring Concert 2015 Roundup!

    On Sunday, May 24th, in the afternoon, we had our final concert of the year; Madrigals and More, featuring the HeeBee-jeebees, and the Edmonton Young Voices choir. The Rozsa Centre was decorated with a spring theme, featuring lovely maypoles designed by our Creative Consultant, Kat Long. We were thrilled to end our 2014-2015 singing on […]

  • The Value Of Not Performing

    The Calgary Children’s Choir has three major performances a year; our Christmas concert, our Folk Concert, and our Spring concert. Sometimes we’ll have other singing engagements sprinkled in as well. Much of the music that we learn throughout the year is chosen for one of those concerts, but sometimes we learn music without having a […]

  • Folk Concert 2015 – ‘Home’ Roundup!

    On Sunday afternoon, March 1st 2015, the Calgary Children’s Choir performed at our annual Folk Music concert at the Rozsa Centre. The theme of this year’s Folk Concert, was ‘Home’, and our concert was emceed by our talented Creative Consultant, Kat Long-Jones. Our concert featured artwork made by the choristers at our recent Winter Retreat, […]

  • A Child’s Carol 2014 – Christmas Concert Roundup!

    On Saturday December 13th, we were thrilled to present The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey in concert with VoiceScapes! The evening was a wonderful combination of storytelling and holiday music. The beautiful Rozsa Centre was decorated by our amazing Creative Consultant, Kat Long, who crocheted 385 stars for us by hand! We were also very excited […]