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  • 2018 Fall Choir Camp

    2018 Fall Choir Camp

    This year’s camp was yet another success! Choristers showed up at Camp Horizon buzzing about the weekend to come and were already looking forward to Skit Night, campfire songs and all the other activities camp has to offer. After the first night of icebreaker games, the real “work” began. The first full day at camp […]

  • Winter Retreat 2016!

    Our second Winter Choir camp retreat was a lot of fun, thanks to the caring leadership of chaperones, hard-working and enthusiastic kids, and great weather! We spent much of the day Saturday rehearsing Requiem and In These Stones Horizons Sing, by Karl Jenkins, for our mass concert on February 27. Three of our chaperones are […]

  • Choir Camp 2015 Roundup!

    This past weekend we were very excited to be out in Bragg Creek, on our annual retreat to choir camp! Camp is a great opportunity for our choristers to get to know one another better, to rehearse new music, and learn more about what it means to sing as part of an ensemble! We had […]

  • Winter Retreat 2015 Roundup!

    On the weekend of January 30th, to February 1st, the Calgary Children’s Choir went up to Camp Horizon in Bragg Creek for our first ever Winter Retreat! The weekend was absolutely magnificent! Friday January 30th – We  arrived at camp in the evening and where excited to begin! We played a really fun-and competitive game […]

  • Choir Camp Roundup 2014!

    This past weekend we returned to choir camp out in Bragg Creek, for a weekend full of fun, laughter, and music! Our theme this year, created and implemented by our brilliant Creative Consultant, Kat Long, was ‘Science Camp!’ The choir was joined by the eccentric ‘Professor Pfiefferhorn’ from ‘Tunesburg’ (played by the wonderful Kat Long.) He […]

  • How To Get The Most Out Of Choir Camp

    Every year the Calgary Children’s Choir spends a weekend at camp in Bragg Creek at the end of September. The purpose of choir camp is to get to know one another, and to have a concerted period of time during which we can really get a good start on our music. This is so important […]

  • House Songs!

    This year, at our choir camp in September, we had a Harry Potter theme. As part of that theme, the choir members were divided into three different houses: House Harmony, whose Head of House was our Creative Consultant Kat Long, House Rhythm, led by our Artistic Director Marni Strome, and House Melody, whose Head of […]

  • Choir Camp 2013!

    This weekend, the Calgary Children’s Choir went out to Camp Horizon to enjoy a wonderful weekend of choir camp! Camp is a great opportunity for all of the choristers to get to know one another, and really get comfortable as an ensemble. We could not have asked for a more stunning location for our weekend […]