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  • Singing in Segovia

    The day started off bright and early with a lovely breakfast at 7:45!   After a delicious breakfast we departed for Segovia, where we visited the castle Alcazar, the segovian cathedral, and admired the beautiful architecture of the roman aqueducts. The Aqueducts are truly works of art! They are held together with noting but gravity, […]

  • Today in Toledo

    It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to sing in a cathedral that houses a Michaelangelo painting.  We had this amazing opportunity today in Toledo. After a morning of shopping in Madrid, we boarded our tour bus and set off for Toledo.  Toledo is a beautiful city about an hour from Madrid full […]

  • Bienvenido A Madrid!

    Today was definitely a packed day! It began with the whole choir waking up early and heading to the airport at six o’clock in the morning. We said farewell to Paris and started for Madrid. Our journey continued after the flight, as we got on yet another tour bus to drop off our luggage at the hotel, […]

  • Let Them Eat Cake!

    This morning the choir visited the Chateau de Versailles, and then spent the afternoon near the Sacré Choeur Basilica. (Photo by Kat Long)     (Photo by Kat Long) (Photo by Kat Long) The palace, the construction of which took decades, was an incredibly opulent, massive, artistic marvel. We were given a private tour which […]

  • Notre-Dame and Saint Eustache

    What can I say about today that will do it any justice? One thing is certain: it is unanimous among the touring choir that today was one of the most amazing days ever! It began with the world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is hard to even describe if you have never been. It’s more than just […]

  • Un Canadien Errant

    Que c’était un journée tellement excitent! We started our very long, very eventful day at the VimyRidge Memorial in Arras. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was a truly meaningful experience. Beginning with a guided tour of the trenches and tunnels that were built for a battle nearly […]

  • Arrival in Arras

    We have finally arrived in Europe! Wow! What a long day we have all had! After two plane rides (first Calgary to London, and then London to Paris) and a two hour long bus ride from Paris to Arras, we have finally arrived at our destination – Arras, France!   (Photo via Travel Tidbits)   […]

  • Welcome to Tour 2013: France and Spain!

    Happy Canada Day! We are so thrilled to be leaving tomorrow (July 2nd) for our 10 day tour of France and Spain! Stay tuned to the ‘News’ section of our website to keep updated with the tour blog that we will be keeping! The daily blog posts will start on July 3rd, and will also […]

  • Blogging For the Joy of It!

    Hello and welcome to the Calgary Children’s Choir blog! This will be a space where you can access all kinds of important and interesting information about the Calgary Children’s Choir, and our community. As many of you know, the choir now has a Facebook page, and Twitter account, as well as a LinkedIn company page! If […]